My daily routine


I wake up very early in the morning, usually around six .I get up at once and go to the bathroom.

I shower, brush my teeth, dry my hair with the dryer and comb my hair. Then I go back to my room and get dressed.

” I have breakfast with my sister at a quarter to 7 .”

At 7 I leave home and catch either the train or the bus to go to school .The entry bell rings at five to 8! Therefore I have to be in front of the school at that time. Not being late is very important in my daily routine!

“Lessons begin at 8 and end at 1:30 in the afternoon.”

Leaving the school I catch either the train or the bus that takes me back home. As soon as I get home, I have lunch and immediately afterwards I do my homework.

At five o’clock I leave home and go to the downtown, where I meet my friends . We stop at a bar, have coffee, talk for a while and then take a stroll through the downtown.

“At 7 I go back home and at 8 I have dinner with my family”.

Then we stay in the living room talking about the events of the day or watching television for a while. At 10, I say good night to my parents and my sister and I go to my room. I undress, put on my pyjamas and go to bed. I usually watch television for a while, and when I go to sleep I turn off the television, turn off the light and fall asleep. And what is your daily routine? Write us (in Answer) your daily routine to practise!

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Answer the questions?

What tense are the verbs in?

Are they affirmative?

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