My Yesterday routine

My yesterday routine

 Yesterday I woke up late, it was seven o’clock .I got up quickly and went to the bathroom.

I showered, brushed my teeth, dried my hair with a blow-dryer, and combed my hair. Then I went back to my room and got dressed .I went to the kitchen and had breakfast

At 7:30 I left the house and took the train to go to school .The doorbell rang with a little delay (thankfully) at 8 o’clock! I had to be in front of the school at ten to 8! It was very important not to be late!

The classes ended at one-thirty, as usual .I went walking to the station and caught the train again, I arrived home hungry, I ate and then I rested for an hour, I was exhausted. At four I started my homework. When I finished I went out to play with my friends.

At 7 I dined with my family and then we saw a very interesting movie. I’m not going to tell you the plot. The movie ended at eleven. I went to bed at once, I was very sleepy. In fact, shortly after I was asleep.

Answer the question

  1. What time did you wake up yesterday?
  2. Which means of transport did you take yesterday?
  3. Why did you go to bed early?
  4. Who did you have dinner with?

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